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Submitted on
January 3, 2013


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What does art mean to you?

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 3, 2013, 7:52 AM
What is art to you? Is it your dream, a hobby or your future or current  career?
Do you do art for money or because you love it?

I've always been asked  why didn't I go to Art School. I guess I've always thought that 'artists with diplomas' are a bunch a snobs. And that's how it is here where I live. I know the majority of people from Art Uni and I can't stand them. They mostly went to Art school just because it's hip and it sounds nice to say you are an 'artist'. Most of them don't even have talent. I kid you not. I used to teach a girl how to draw hands(I'm not good at them either...but she kept drawing characters without hands...they were always keeping their hands in their pockets or at the back). Another thing I noticed is that people who don't go to art schools turn out to be better or even more successful.  The best examples are great actors who never attended Art school or musicians who never went to Music School and they are still better.

To respond to that question I asked you...I never went to ART School because Art is my guilty pleasure. My hobby. I draw to keep my mind off grim things. I draw because I like to.

Another thing I never understood is why people look down on digital art. Traditional art is always put  above digital even if the first looks worse. All digital artists were traditional artists at first. They just wanted to try something different. Digital art is just as valuable as traditional art. In fact they go hand in hand because you can't be a digital artist if you aren't a traditional artist. We all doodle on our notebooks. And there is no button in any program that can draw by itself. Yes there is the 'undo' option. Yes there are brushes and filters and a lot of other things.
DO you know how many times I've lost all my work because my computer shut down? Or viruses that delete your files or infect them so that you have to delete them by yourself. You say traditional art is expensive. And digital isn't? Digital software cost. So do tablets and computers. So does electricity, Some say that in traditional art you paint with your hands. And as a digital artist you paint with your feet? For almost 3 years I painted with my finger on my laptop's touchpad. Does that sound easy? Another saying that bothers me is that it is said that traditionally you paint from your heart. Does that mean that digital artists are heartless ? That they do not put heart into  their work?

Both mediums are great. You shouldn't compare them if you never tried them both. And if you do you will be subjective because you will choose the one that you liked the most. It's wrong to say one is less important than the other.

The sad thing about art is that ideas and talent are not enough. You need money. You need to know people that can help you. That's why there are a lot of untrained artists that are good at what they do but never really stand out because they do not have the money and the connections to become famous. The best example I can give to describe this are starving artists. There is a park in the center of my city in which old painters try to sell their work. They are there since I was a child. The same old artists with ragged clothes that you can see even during in winter time, out in the cold with their beautiful paintings. It's a sad picture. I know.But I guess they do love art. Because they chose art over other professions.

Tell me your feelings about art. Your dreams. Anything you might want to share.

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sCissoRsmei Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you...said it all..or at least that's what i think..
J4B Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I ended up drawing because I had ideas that I wanted to show that couldn't be simply bought or told.
Lace-Sylph Jan 17, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Writing is my art so I often use it as an escape when it's prose. I use poetry to express things that just can't be expressed any other way.And as I am a Celtic pagan poetry is also devotional for me as it is traditional to talk to and about the Gods in that way.

I've tried to make my art my profession several times, through going to school or other ways and it's never really worked. When I was young it was just to develop my world as an author and write novels. Later I discovered gaming, which would so suit the world that has been my life, and started to work towards game design. From various circumstances it's never come together quite right. But the world is still there in my head; continuing to evolve as I experience more of life and probably always will be.

As a writer I paint my in words and when I can afford the luxury look around for artists to interpret them into more obvious images. As such I prefer working with digital artists since they can capture what I want better and are *much* easier as a whole to work with. Also I tend to like the depth that digital artists tend to achieve more than traditional artists. Not to mention that scanning in a traditionally made image always changes it so it seems to me that might as well be digital from the start.

I have worked with Illustrator and Photoshop.....I tend to prefer Illustrator but I only have a talent for design not art as such. I like doing it when the mood takes me but I'll never be as good as what I see on DevArt for the most part and I'm happy with that. Words or yarn and hook are my mediums of choice and so Illustrator come in handy for planning out crochet pieces at times. I leave anything more complicated to the experts, whether they've been to Art School or not, I usually only use my own eyes to judge and I've seen some breathtaking things. And sometimes I'm a bit jealous I can't do the same but only sometimes and only a bit. We all have our talents and i enjoy what I do. I probably will never be a professional and I've more or less come to a peace with that. It's enough.
Art is something I love with a very fierce passion. I love all kinds of art and I find quite a bit of joy in it. And I have to say it's let me make friends with other people who I find to be amazing and very kind individuals. I should be practicing more and I still have a ways to go to be where I want to be. I would love to create my own graphic novel to be honest. But I still have a lot to build up in terms of story and character designs. But I do got some interesting ideas and I love the creativity of it all. Especially when you can take a blank paper and create something out of nothing. I find that to be a rather magical experience. By the time your done with the drawing. You've turned that blank sheet of paper into something more.

I have nothing against digital, I just don't have a tablet or anything to do it. So that's why I haven't mentioned it. Even though my friend is recommending I try it out. Don't have the money to get one right now to be honest ^^; I don't know much either about those attending art school. My friend who recommended I try a tablet, went to one. Which I think helped her some. But not enough. Since the school decided what she should study in. Which I don't like. You should be taking what you want and not going with what they think is best for you. Not to mention I think it sucked that one of her teachers was against anything anime related. They wanted a more realistic style and if anything was done in an anime style, it would get a lower grade :(

So glad I never tried to go the art school route now.
what art means to can be sumed up in one word

pancakes :)
TurquoisePastel Jan 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
also i am not doing art as a career XD;. but i still love to draw...i am being trained as a carer to look after vulnerable people!
TurquoisePastel Jan 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I don't consider myself as an artist at all, but I have been to college to study art for a while. In art I believe you can do what you want but I was never allowed to draw anything anime. We weren't taught how to draw anatomy, it was all modern art. I also found out that there are artist with little talent but are able to sell there art work such as Tracy Emin. Look her up...I don't see it as art at all. I could of just joined an art club and learnt how to draw was a bit of a waste of time. Although I have just joined one now, and it is far better. I am hoping to sell traditional art work once I improve more.
Niconic-crazyness Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've never experienced the art school snob... all my friends who are trying to do it or are going to some kind of school for art are struggling down to earth people who want to get better *shrug*
Art to me...... is expression. Expression of pain, of politics, of beauty, conventional and not... of the mythical, of our minds and souls. Artists don't only draw... they write, sing, play music... dance and act!! These are all artists too. All those things are forms of art.
Art is the expression of what our minds are capable of if there where no laws of physics or matter in our way.
I have been in a slump about drawing, after all, I want to be an environmental engineer now. I was scared off be not being able to do track at art schools.. and how much money it took to apply. But I will go back to is sometime.
It's sort of a hobby for me, but yet it's helps me when I'm upset to draw exactly what I'm feeling inside. Even though I can't always tell people what I'm thinking, I can always tell the paper. I think I want to be an artist when I'm older...but my dad won't let me because his sister is an 'artist' and hardly has enough money to keep herself going and he doesn't want to end up like that.... also I don't really think I want to be...I'm sort of on the fence about if I would want to or not because I think that isn't what art is about anyway. It's one thing to do it as a side job, but make sure you have fun doing it and never lose sight of what art is really about, expressing yourself.
Rubberflippers Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It used to be a hobby. Now, it's something more. I won't be my main profession; it's more of a side job to me. And here in Canada, there are a lot of people getting art degrees who have no talent and don't even bother to practice. It frustrates me because these people give "artists" a bad name. It's why I'm very reluctant to even minor in this field. I also happen to disagree with you on the "people who don't go for an art degree are better than the ones that do." In my opinion, if you're a really serious artist who constantly practices, you will become one of the best in the world (even better than the ones who only do it as a hobby).
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